Twin Flames mentoring

Twin Flames heartBefore I had an understanding of the Twin Flame dynamic – or had even heard the term Twin Flame – I struggled to understand why I couldn’t just ‘move on’ from the relationship with my Twin that had ended.

In the past, relationship transition was relatively easy for me; embraced, even. After an initial period of sadness, I always moved into the next chapter of my life with excited anticipation. Not this time. Why, I wondered, couldn’t I do it this time; with this man; with this connection? Why was this so different?

I wandered alone in my personal desert for three seemingly-never-ending years. I didn’t understand what was happening within me. I was lost. Completely. And no amount of journaling, channeling, pleading, crying, exercising, reading, traveling, socializing, or implementing other distractions eased the profound pain of separation. My heart literally ached. My entire being hurt. I was a walking exposed nerve. I functioned as best I could, yet the longing that permeated every moment of every day was often unbearable. Time was not healing this wound.

Well-meaning friends told me to forget him and move on. Easy to say… none of them knew what I was truly dealing with: the Twin Flame dynamic. In their efforts to comfort me, they repeated pithy sayings like ‘there are plenty of fish in the sea.’ I tried dating, yet the profound sorrow of not being with my Twin prevented any true exploration. I knew any effort expended there would only be a temporary distraction. My friends’ frustration and annoyance with my process only increased over time. Needless to say, I shut down and isolated myself even more.

My heart was broken and there was no cure.
I wanted to die. I felt hopeless… not only for the connection, but for my own well-being and my future.
I wondered if I would ever feel joy again.

Fast-forward to now…

By an orchestration of the Divine and an outpouring of Holy Grace, the circumstances of our Union miraculously shifted and we have reunited… to what end I have no idea. Currently we are Ever. So. Slowly. expanding the heart connection between us and simultaneously consciously templating a new relational paradigm for the planet (which is our soul’s unique Divine assignment).

I know the Twin Flame path intimately:
the deep sorrow; the hopelessness; the mourning;
the bliss; the enchantment; the healing; the pure Holy Love.

Wherever you are on the
Twin Flames path,
you are wholly championed here.

If you want a greater understanding of your one-of-a-kind Twin Flame connection including:

  • physical symptoms (e.g. heart or womb pain)
  • emotional symptoms (e.g. longing that is unbearable or uncharacteristic for you)
  • practical tools for navigating everyday life with — or apart from — your Twin

schedule your personalized 1-on-1 appointment today. Don’t be possessed or directed by uncertainty anymore. Access your inner calm, regardless of external circumstance. Comfort, competence and mastery in this intense connection await you, just like these happy clients.

This connection has a Divine purpose.
Get on with your Twin Flame mission!

4 thoughts on “Twin Flames mentoring”

  1. poroma banerjee said:

    It’s strange… I understand every word that you talk Bout but I am not sure if I.hv met my twin flame or I…but I.feel.awakened. I am a woman fate. Made me aware of another woman who thinks exactly like me…I see myself in her. However she is a budding movie star and I am a lawyer. She is from a different country different religion. But. Since I saw her my life changed. Completely…it’s bn almost eight months I couldn’t gt over her. I don’t believe in sexuality nd stuff like that! I understand love in d purest form that’s all…she came into my life as a guiding angel, was going thru d worst phase ever! But I was struggling to come out, her presence made it easier. An imposter from my country was using her pic. We were in a platonic relationship, I would just look into her eyes nd that gv me enough strength to straighten my life! Things happened nd kept stepping up. In Bout 5months time I gt to know the guy hd bn lying, I wasn’t shattered, I was kind of happy to finally know who she is.hd it nt bn fr this experience I would Hv never known of her existence. I didn’t try to reach her, I can she Is on social network. But to say wat! My feelings fr her can’t b explained as I don’t gt it myself. But yes I care bout her a lot, I can’t spend a single day nt thinking Bout her. Everytime I tried dating a guy, like d best of men. I couldn’t. I don’t even know wat all this is Bout. I want to kno onething do u think she is my twin flame! Or it is just immense gratitude. Soon I am going to Germany to the best college for masters! All of this is happening only coz of her! The idea hd come up only after she came into my life. I feel awakened…her usual posts are Bout waiting fr someone, my exact thots…she does nt know I exist. On top of that she is also a woman. Probably straight only! It’s all so confusing.. Practically I should go away! But I don’t fl like coz I just don’t want to leave her alone. I keep saying to her “you are you which is Perfect”….


    • It sounds like you are navigating this connection beautifully, whatever it is. In the private work I do with clients, I always mirror to them their own guiding wisdom. No one can confirm for you whether or not someone is your Twin. You know in the deepest part of your heart whether or not they are. I wish you well in being sparked into greater aliveness. Life is a blessed journey.


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