spark your SPIRIT – nourishing your soul

spark your SPIRITTogether let’s spark your SPIRIT!

  • Learn what nourishes and fuels your soul
    • Attune to the energetics of self-love
    • Implement lifestyle choices for sustaining high-resonant living

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The soul must be fed every day. Pray more and train your mind to think gratuitous thoughts. Train your mind to love others first, and to feel that love before judging. Read uplifting literature, books, articles, websites. Engage in walks to be within nature; to be in environments that cultivate spiritual growth, love, and happiness.

Love – real love, not glowing-screen-advertised-love – is wholly transformative and runs so deep that we often feel pain as we grow. If we have indulged in toxic lifestyles, or hurting ourselves with sex, drugs, money, over-giving, self-sabotage, etc., love and positivity often feel like a poison to our energy systems. As you detox, remember that. It’s not a poison; it’s healing, andpushing out what’s misalinged to Love; that’s where the pain is. Cry, laugh, and express yourself at every turn. It will get easier and easier as you progress in the purging.

Be mindful of the places you enter. Allow yourself to feel the energy space. Some places hold negative and toxic energy and will bring you down. Some people are toxic, and we must respect where they are in their path. Offering our honesty when we see fit (the heart will guide you, and tell you the right words in the right place at the right time).

The thoughts are the key to nourishing the soul. Upon rising, be grateful for 3 things. Try to be constantly grateful for little things. Thank the universe, connect with the universe upon rising, this is paramount. Just as smokers have their first cigarette in the morning, you must tune into your higher self and universal energy. This helps you stay on the right path, and listening to your guidance builds your trust in the universe — and improves the quality of life. It will seem like miracles are just rolling like tumbleweeds in your life that was once a desert of isolation, pain, toxicity, and self harm.

You have to tune into goddess, and allow her to bathe you in her love. She is your closest friend, your highest confidant, and she always has your best interest in mind — even if your mind is too small to see all that she sees at the time.

Driving down the road can be a spiritual experience, it is one, but you have to tune into it. Feeling the wind, breathing in the trees, and smell of life. If you are frantic, trying to text, listening to advertisements on the radio, or taking phone calls constantly — you’re nourishing 3D. By nourishing the soul you enhance your experience in the 3D and the lives of everyone you come across.

Pray often, and talk to the universe because the universe is everywhere and is always listening to what you are thinking, feeling, and doing. In Divine communication, it then responds to you.


Feel free to share your insights and perspectives.

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