spark your RELATIONSHIPS – cultivating true heart connection

spark your RELATIONSHIPSTogether let’s spark your RELATIONSHIPS!

  • Activate templates for new paradigm heart-connections
  • Expand your ability to intuitively bridge relational misalignments
  • Assume full responsibility for your role in personal interactions

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

True heart connection is cultivated by exploring and displaying ever-greater authenticity. And to the best of our abilities, this requires honesty. By becoming more honest with others, we are able to open our hearts. In reciprocation, they will open theirs to us.

The heart thrives on honesty
and recognizes truths
that the mind doesn’t understand.

If we are afraid that someone isn’t responding to us on a heart level, it is our responsibility to bring that honesty and authenticity to the connection FIRST. One example is: I’m afraid you don’t love me, and I don’t know how to talk about it without feeling really vulnerable. I want to get closer to you but I don’t know how.

In addition to being more honest with yourself and others, it is essential to express your heart with creative acts of self-love, whether through writing, running, photography, carpentry or gardening, as this ties into your life purpose.

Our path has become obstructed
by the lies we’ve told ourselves
and the years we’ve spent
not listening to – or following –
our inner guidance.

The surest way to realign with our hearts is with creativity OR chaos; both have a place within our process. Pent-up, stagnant energy has to go, for it has no home in your heart. Give it an outlet. Let it flow up and out of you so you can move on with a fresh inner freedom.

It really doesn’t matter how you express. If you sculpt in serenity, great. If you scream in your car as you drive, great. (A thorough verbal release of colorful expletives does wonders!) If you build a rock wall, great. If you have a good, long therapeutic cry, great. Any which way, you will feel the relief.

As you do this – and simultaneously indulge in acts of greater honesty and authenticity – you will naturally foster more harmonious, healthy, happy relationships.

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