spark your CREATIVITY – expressing your inner muse

spark your CREATIVITYTogether let’s spark your CREATIVITY!

  • Unshackle your inner muse so s/he can express freely
  • Activate cellular recall of creative pursuits from other lives, times and dimensions
  • Access inspired creative flow

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Your inner muse has been bound and gagged in the subconscious cellar of your being. Long ago you chided her to stop dreaming; to stop whispering crazy, unrealistic, and useless ideas into your awareness. You tuned her out and shut her down. And as a result, your inner muse merged with the shadow self; the darker part of you. We are beings of the Light, but we are also beings of the Dark.

She remains merged with the Darkness – whisking you away from all that you know and purposely immersing you in absolute c    haos so you can be cleansed of the lies you tell yourself… the same lies that limit, restrain and harm you – until you are willing to listen to her wisdom again.

Your inner muse will expel you from
the limited box and design
that was conceived for you by external constructs;
the one you maimed yourself to fit into.

There are many constructs in this 3D reality that tell us to stop thinking, feeling, dreaming, and living for ourselves because that is what those in power desire. That is what those in power need for us to continue to be their food source, both energetically and monetarily. We are ingrained to have certain ideals about ourselves, and certain dreams for our lives. If you ask most people, they have the same dreams as everyone else. These dreams were not conceived from the inner muse. They were constructed for them. The internalization of them allowed parts of you to become atrophied.

Your inner muse is the primal energy
within you that will save you.

When you lean in to listen again, you will naturally recognize Her voice, and move with the dance of apology to Her for hurting Her. And only then will you create, love, express and feel joy buzz within you. She has always loved you and She is waiting. She is the inner voice you did not dare allow yourself to speak… until now.


Feel free to share your insights and perspectives.

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