schedule your 1-on-1 transformation session

With a personal champion right by your side, you will:

1. re-activate ancient, high-frequency talents and skills that have waited for aeons to be sparked in this precise moment that pave the way to a future beyond your wildest imaginings. You will quite literally, re-member.

2. re-member dormant attributes and amplify them for your greatest contribution to humanity.

3. discover, tangibly feel and embody the knowing of your infinite nature.

4. experience wealth in every aspect of life: creativity, finances, health, journey, purpose, relationships & spirit.

It’s time. Your moment to shine is NOW.

green $145 buttongreen $85 button

Spark your evolution!* It’s easy to schedule an appointment that is customized in-the-moment just for you and delivers the precise information you need to take your next evolutionary leap. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

1. Click on one of the green buttons above to submit your payment. This takes you to my PayPal portal where you can pay with Paypal or a credit/debit card.
After the payment process is complete, follow this link to schedule your appointment:
3. We meet via Skype.
I will call you on the day and time of your appointment.
4. You leave with a big, fat smile on your face and big, fat joy in your heart.



* The current wait time for a reading is approximately one week. If you are experiencing an evolutionary ‘moment’ and need to schedule an appointment sooner than later, I will do my best to accommodate you. After all, we’re in this together!

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