Fire TwinsYour Twin Flame Union is a vibrant, living entity. Yet it can be challenging to navigate simply because these are fresh energies on the planet.

We are here on Divine assignment and actively templating brand new ways of being in heart connection that have never existed before. And with that comes a necessity for upgraded, high-frequency language, behaviors, actions and skills.

The good news is: you don’t have to go it alone.

equips you with the tangible everyday ‘hows’
of embodying and modeling true mastery,
based on the unique nuances of YOUR
Twin Flames Union.

This exclusive 3-month program is 100% customized to you by a knowledgeable Twin Flames insider.

mysteryIn the loving care of a Twin Flames Transformational Champion*, you will experience dramatic shifts within, just like these happy clients, to manifest true everyday miracles. Wield your alchemic magick within your Sacred Union; the wisdom is already in you just waiting to be unleashed.

An Absolute Blessing

“I was drawn to Charlon by a power higher than my self, and since our initial session of her Living TWINSHIP program, my life has taken off! I’ve become so much more empowered on my spiritual journey, and I approach life and my Twin Flame connection with such clarity now, that is near impossible to allow myself to fall back into any lower vibrational thinking.

She is an absolute sweetheart and takes intuitive sessions to the next level. I’ve never been propelled so fast into my own life until I’ve met Charlon. Thank you! ~ A.W.


1. Be held in an energetic cocoon so you can rest and breathe for a minute. (This path is/has not been easy.)

2. Gain clarity & calm for a gentler experience that opens you to ever-increasing  L*O*V*E within your Union.

3. Activate & amplify your innate knowing of how to navigate and thrive in your unique Union. (There’s not another partnering even similar to yours on the entire planet.)

4. Discover real-world maneuvering techniques to use in your everyday life that bump you out of frustration or stagnation and catapult you into joy and fun with your Twin.

5. Learn innovative methods to maintain a high frequency that sparks magnetism & creativity in all facets of life, but especially in Partnership.

6. Elevate your awareness, confidence & commanding presence so you continually spiral-up into the ‘infinite realms’ of possibility and opportunity.

7. Increase your ability to communicate telepathically and energetically in all situations, but especially with your Twin.


* 3, 60-minute personalized 1:1 sessions including expert mentoring with Charlon, Twin Flames Transformational Champion (one session per month)

* 3, customized protocols developed exclusively for the dynamics in YOUR unique Union so you practice where you most need it to sustain ever-higher states of surety & mastery, based on what is revealed in our 1:1 sessions (one protocol per 1:1 session)

* 2 email check-ins (between 1:1 appointments)

* 1 channeled audio (MP3 format) directly from your spiritual support team to encourage and comfort you from additional frequencies

* Energetic encodements & activations to accelerate your progress and results

Living TWINSHIP full pay button $875~OR~Living TWINSHIP monthly button $325


CharlonHoliday2014As an illumined Twin Flame, I alchemize at the leading-edge of the new relational paradigm, with expertise in Twin Flames partnerings. In alignment with my life purpose, I embody, emanate and model New Earth templates to equip, empower and champion those who are navigating Twin Flame connections. I draw from personal, professional, spiritual and intuitive wellsprings of experience to serve your evolution from this frequency.

I know the Twin Flame path intimately:
the deep sorrow; the hopelessness; the mourning;
the bliss; the enchantment; the healing; the pure Holy Love.

Wherever you are on the
Twin Flames path,
you are wholly championed here.

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