happy clients say…

bursting heart2A wonderful friend of mine from Venezuela sent me a link to your site. I have spent the morning reading about the beautiful gift you are to humanity. Thank you for Being the mirror that you ARE reflecting back to others their own magnificence.

~ Scott, United States

open heartThe clarity and activation within your each and every word is, spectacular. I was ushered into the gates of the “humbling” portal this morning and your words have prompted me to walk through it. So wonderful and and magnificent to see what gifts are to be discovered. I am SO IN, LOVE.


~ anonymous

Love DoodleI have sensed your presence the last few days, particularly today. So glorious!

Since our 1:1 championship session, I have received 10X the signs that I normally receive. License plates, tractor trailers that ‘randomly’ cut in front of me, and billboards saying “Tune in. Show up.” My commute to work is enchanting; so many signs.

Each day is proving to be its own lifetime. I’m still focused on embodying my knowing (from your coaching) and revealing and radiating the divine feminine within. I notice an increased ability to communicate telepathically and energetically (with my Twin). I can also feel a stillness deep within myself that I have never had before… all good things and always a feeling of freedom and ascending when I make it through the next lesson.

Your guidance and support are the exact (only) frequency that truly matches the union I am in, and I am so excited for the next session, particularly in continuing the active, embody, and techniques for maintaining high frequency through it all. Thank you for your message and high vibration! I will be booking my next session soonest.

Light, sunglitter, love.

~ Katherine, United States

KrissyFerroYou are an amazing woman. You literally send your calming, inspiring, magnetic energy through your email – it’s an email attachment! LOL

~ Krissy Ferro, founder & CEO, Ferro Cosmetics, New York, New York

Love DoodleIt sounds like you are breaking new ground with [your Twin]! You are the pioneer in this for all of us.

~ anonymous, visionary in sacred service to the Feminine Divine

karenCharlon is amazing! Every time we meet, I feel uplifted and expanded. She helps me discover my higher truth and reclaim my personal power.

Her clear guidance has assisted me to create greater love within myself and within my Union. My life has been forever transformed because of our work together.

~Karen Mehringer, Santa Cruz, California

australiaCharlon is able to move to the heart of a situation and see the map of what is happening with such clarity.

This enables her to construct a clear and concise way forward ensuring the direction taken is heartfelt, and purposeful – giving a clear vision of what needs to be done and when.

~ Sarah S., Australia


CharlonChristina closeup embodies the sweet responsibility of being a champion of light for me.

Through her intuitive insight and encyclopedic vernacular, I have been able to comfortably rest within that place which connects me to the feminine divine.

Charlon has enhanced the quality of my work, and the quality of my being. She is absolutely kind, giving, and authentic. Charlon’s authenticity sparks inspiration within me. I had never met someone so fully present, genuine, and in tune with herself. Working with Charlon sparks inspiration, love, and wonderful energy.

I feel like co-creating with her occurs on another plane. As though we remember when we were souls in the pre-existence and we are laughing as we relish in the promises we have kept to each other.

I do not feel like she is “someone I work with” occasionally or “receive channeled guidance from.” Charlon sparks an ancient remembering within you. She is such a bright light. I encourage you to relish in her light and allow her to guide you. The experience of working with Charlon is an absolute treasure.

~ Christina Simone Hill Alvarez, intuitive and psychic, Edinburg, Texas


rebeccaYou have been my champion and have helped me immensely.

Without you as a reflection and channel I am sure I would have given up a long time ago.

~ Rebecca Messenger, prophetess and channel for Divine messages & beings, Mission, Texas


Love DoodleCharlon has a deeply intuitive and simultaneously loving nature that makes you feel supported in the most genuine way.

She consistently provides a safe space for me to be me and frankly, that’s the greatest support one can have on this evolutionary journey. I highly recommend Charlon to anyone ready for transformation.

I feel a connection with Charlon that requires no words. She’s so on the pulse and how great to meet in a place that requires no words :).

~ anonymous, founder of an evolutionary, love-infused technology hub


rebecca2Your counsel is far more than mere words… I feel they actually work a sort of magic; a healing balm [in navigating the dark places of my Twin Flame connection].

~ Rebecca Messenger, prophetess and channel for Divine messages & beings, Houston, Texas


Love DoodleI just need some reassurance.

I know this seems a bit silly, but you are so connected and in tune with how the Universe works, I just need to hear it from you.

It isn’t that I don’t know it already. I do. God has already provided for my family and me in so many ways. I’m just feeling vulnerable and need to hear the reassurance.

~ anonymous, light-beacon & trusted confidant, San Diego, California


twin flamesTalking with you helped to relieve the awful pain [of not being with my Twin Flame].

~ anonymous, Twin Flame

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