Divine Desire eclipses my own desire


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Many of us learned to create based on clarifying our ambitions, desires, intents, dreams, passions or purposes. Manifestation guides told us this is how Law of Attraction works. We’ve crafted vision boards, ritualized at the Full and New Moons, Solstices and Equinoxes, made lengthy journal entries and prayed or meditated our asses off. We’ve magnetized partners, jobs, money and opportunity.

And it is my current understanding that this methodology was a mere stepping stone to the infinite possibility of where we now stand… IF we are willing to allow The Infiniteness (however you define that or whatever name you give it) to totally eclipse our finiteness, similar to the recent full solar sensation on 21 August 2017.

For awhile now, I’ve experienced zero resonance with my personal & personality-identified ambitions, desires, intents, dreams, passions or purposes.
(Think: anything with an egoic orientation.)

I want nothing that’s on the other side of me being the source of creating. I’ve fully explored that route and very little that I created/manifested from that basis has proven to be satisfying in a sustainable way. Therefore, that path is no longer an option for me. I want to live and BE far beyond that which I can create. Instead of living the outpicturing of my own desires, I want only and exclusively to create via Divine Desire.

No longer finding intrigue or solace in the smallness & finiteness related to my human capacity to generate, I am contented to set aside my tiny view for a panorama of galactic proportions. I want exclusive access to The Infinite and am willing to acquiesce whatever is left of my personal aspirations to have that experience.

That’s what freedom sparks right now, yet I assure you, this approach goes against all of my conditioning/indoctrination/training. Maybe you can relate.

This level of BEingness – that is simultaneously FULL of the highest aspects of Self and increasingly absent of ego/personality/self-identity – seems unnatural, but only because as a collective we have normalized the insanity of the need to be the epicenter of our life creations.

If the ego needs no stroking;
If we no longer seek validation or acknowledgement;
If we are at-rest never being seen or heard on a global platform;
If our contributions are not associated with success;
If our businesses are not weighted by our need to have them be income generators;
If our full purposes are lived merely by our BEing…

… with fully-open, confident hearts we can place our human ambitions, desires, intents, dreams, passions and purposes on the altar of The Divine Orchestrator. We can trust this entity-o-Infinity so completely that we wouldn’t even momentarily consider that we could orchestrate better than It. I know I can’t. History has hashed that out. 😜 It’s time to try something (r)evolutionary.

By its innate benevolence, bounty and grace, The Infiniteness has the power to transform us simply by our permission and allowance. No efforting required. I don’t know about you, but that’s a welcome relief. I just don’t have the bandwidth anymore to manifest in the the old way. It requires too much of me. And I take that as a clue that there’s a much easier way to be in the world moving forward.

As I nestle more into this vein of exploration, I experience tangible, positive proof that this brilliant guidance is a trustworthy ally.

  • I don’t worry about the how’s so much anymore.
  • I don’t hope that the inquiry last week will lead to a business contract this week.
  • I don’t intend for anything specific to come into being.
  • Money doesn’t wag me about anymore.
  • I don’t aspire to any level of anything.
  • I have no mission, no particular purpose, or passion.
  • I don’t engage ritual to activate or incite a response.

All of those systemic impulses & patterns are being eclipsed.

I am solely engaged in the activity of continuing to give free-reign to that which is benevolent (my personal understanding), and masterfully orchestrating the blessed timing, events, people and circumstances for my highest benefit, however that looks. I don’t care about the container anymore; whatever, however or whenever events unfold.

What I envision as a human can only be finite with a finite magnetism. That’s not enough for me now. I want what I cannot create for myself via my own desires. Divine Desire innately comprises infinite perspective/potential/possibility. As an experiment, I align with that in the spirit of genuine curiosity to see what’s vicariously possible for myself.


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marketing as spell-casting


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(Black) magic is simply the manipulation
of electromagnetic energy with will and intent.

Max Spiers

Marketing can be a dangerous game.

As we craft the words for positioning our products and services for sale, how deeply do we examine our intent behind those words? Are we blindly yet willingly perpetuating the status quo because we think that’s the only way to be successful in business? Are we unknowingly participating in the tyranny of manipulation marketing with personal or professional agendas in attempts to commodify people?

gridworkWhen you look closely at – and feel into – the energetic gridwork of most marketing content within the entrepreneurial world (websites, programs, books, sales pages, ads, campaigns, etc.) you will see and sense a distinct layer; a counter-cross-hatched complexity that is intended to undermine and override one’s sense of what’s right for them… ultimately, yet not surprisingly, for the direct benefit of the marketer.

If you have an agenda – any agenda – you’re spell-casting. You’re using a strategic methodology to get people to do what you want them to do.

agendaAgenda comes in many subtle nuances and it’s often easier to see (and feel) if you know the myriad ways it can show up. If you are using words to cajole, coerce, convert, entice, seduce or even mildly-influence people into taking the actions you place in their path – directing them to your *#)&ing 😳 sales funnel, corraling them into signing up for your mailing list or blogroll, getting them to your latest offering with a “squeeze page” (yes, it’s actually called a “squeeze page” to channel people into taking the action proposed), converting them to an over-priced service based on a fabricated value or offering a free consultation in a seemingly innocuous attempt to assess their value to youTHAT IS MANIPULATION.

We spell words with letters.
Those words are woven into our marketing content.
That process is the art of spell-casting.

Opposite Polarities, Same Spectrum

If, according to Max Spiers, black magic is the manipulation of electromagnetic energy with will and intent, then white magic, too, is the manipulation of electromagnetic energy with will and intent. Whatever your agenda – world domination (black) or building a business by commodifying people (white?) – spell-casting IS spell-casting. PERIOD.

white magicThe difference with white magic is that we justify our actions by cloaking them in spiritual language like “good,” “light,” “purposeful,” “helping,” “service,” “empowerment,” and create our products and services from this platform. And it is that justification that perpetuates marketing tyranny.

It’s important to understand:

Black energies and white energies
are the polarity ends of THE SAME SPECTRUM.

It’s time to wake up and consciously create AN ENTIRELY NEW SPECTRUM free of our personal influence
. Via heightened sensitivities, we now have access to elevated ways of being and living.

We can engage electromagnetic energy from a very different perspective; with the will and intent to have no compromising personal or professional agenda(s). It is only then that the organizing forces of natural attraction have the full range to orchestrate the perfect people, events and synchronicities in the highest interest of all.

conscious creationThis is not an easy exploration, for sure, but it is vital for heart-sourced, purpose-driven, spiritually-inspired, awareness-oriented business owners if we want to BE and PORTRAY in full congruence.

It is essential to eliminate all manipulative agendas from our language, our marketing endeavors, and our everyday practices. And raw examination is the only way to honestly see how we are actively and ongoingly complicit in marketing manipulations. From there we can choose differently.

We have a responsibility to our collaborators, clients and customers because they deserve way better from us than even our very best marketing manipulation. As we consistently hold ourselves to a higher accountability, the agenda-base will become obsolete.

counter-habitual magic


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go withinA few years ago, I granted myself permission to take a personal hiatus. My soul needed a break from outputting my creativity. Clearly it was time to go within.

During this time, I excavated more of my authentic myself. I recognized patterns that no longer served me and dismantled the beliefs that kept me confined to old habits; the ones that prevented me from devouring life at my usual ravenous pace.

As is true for many life embarkations, I had no idea what was ahead. (Can you relate? 😕) All I knew is that I was ready and willing to begin the journey by taking a single step toward uncertainty. I promised myself to act on all inspirations.

It all began with my awareness of increasing physical and mental exhaustion. I kept saying my soul and body were so tired, but succinctly this was the underlying basis:

Unbeknownst to my conscious awareness, at some point very early in life, I learned (and assimilated the belief in my being) that achieving was the result of hard work. So, work hard I did.

However, I looked at my results and they didn’t equate to the focused energy and effort I expended. I looked at this from every possible angle and realized that my assessment of the results didn’t mean I was necessarily unhappy or dissatisfied; that would be an over-simplification. It felt much more that something was simply misaligned.

There had to be another way, or I would undermine my well-being trying to be of service to this planet. And that made so sense. I KNEW there was something I could experience differently, but what? how? Was I not doing something right? Was I doing something wrong? Although that’s a natural wondering, it felt right to allow these thoughts to pass through me without further consideration. I don’t function from a perspective of right and wrong;for the most part, it just doesn’t resonate for me and I know it doesn’t support me.

So, on an impulse – and in the spirit of fun exploration – I decided to try something new:

I began doing everything the exact opposite of my usual habits.

opposite 2If my habit was to work at specific days or times, I went to the beach instead. If my habit was to focus on doing something a specific way for higher productivity, I did it in a way that was more fun. If my habit was to think harsh thoughts, I was sweet and patient and kind to myself. If my habit was to mentally link my hard work with results, I consciously reminded myself of the natural ease-of-life and that I had already decided life was full of ease.

I raised my awareness of every thought. My full attention was on the tiniest details that showed up. When I felt anything other than aligned and happy, I immediately switched my thinking, my words or my actions to something that felt better. At first it was a tedious practice. Time changed that to the point it became the norm.

Two months later, you want to know the results of this fun adventure?

  • much deeper enjoyment of every activity
  • subconscious beliefs permanently replaced with new, high-vibrance stories
  • manifestation of $6,000 in less than one week
  • new clients who value my services
  • a renewed passion for who I am and what I have to offer
  • birth of a project that was dormant for 5 years
  • clarity-of-purpose
  • delight in all aspects of myself

transformationSo, what is my recommendation for you if you’re feeling something isn’t quite right? If you’re feeling your efforts aren’t materializing in equal measure? Begin doing everything differently than you have in the past. Be genuinely interested in what you think you know about yourself. Now could be the perfect time to replace dead-weight habits with fresh, inspired ones that greater align to who you have – and continue to – become.



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ease, grace, adversity… all are allies


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transformationThere’s much talk – especially within spiritual communities – about ease and grace… as in, making major shifts and everyday life adaptations with ease and grace. Admittedly that is how most of us ultimately desire to experience grand change, but the historic collective reality is that adversity has informed and shaped personal transformation.

I see that shifting. We have options now; neutrality is one of them.

In the past, my way of thinking categorized life events in two ways: 1) good, or 2) bad.

When external outpicturing – events as a reflection of myself – was agreeable to my ego/perception/interpretation and I subsequently labeled these events “good” – landing a new, lucrative longterm contract, being newly-partnered romantically, seeing my niece being born, enjoying the benefits of a strong body, or tucking enough money into my mattress to sustain my lifestyle for a few years – I gave myself permission to breathe freely; to be fully engaged with life.

When external outpicturing – events as a reflection of myself – was disagreeable to my ego/perception/interpretation and I subsequently labeled these events “bad” – getting sick for so long that it ends in a job termination, witnessing a fatal car accident, losing a lawsuit, being evicted – I felt wobbly, uncertain or fragile.

Things had to be just so in my world.
The external needed to look, be and feel a certain way or I was unsettled.

Unintentionally, I was templating the idea of how things should be onto what-was based on something that wasn’t even conscious. It was operating and shaping my life without question or examination. (Oh, my! Let me tell you THAT was a brutal moment of realization! As humans, we crack me up. 😁)

How precarious was this!? The ever-changing landscape of life could put me into a spin at any moment with a mere change of circumstance, that was not in my ability to control, or maybe even influence. My ability to live fully desperately depended on something that was inevitably going to shift. How scary. Earth and Her seasons are the perfect example.

seasonsWith four seasons every year, in each moment one season is fading and another is emerging. Other examples include: ebb and flow (ocean tides); contraction and expansion (the cosmos, based on a new cosmological model), inhalation and exhalation (human lung function). They all show me that systems (just like circumstances) have their expression based on their true nature and their unique purpose-for-being.

I cannot envision a tree negotiating the terms of death with the Divine so as to avoid it. Neither can I envision a new planet bursting into creation as being happy. They simply “do their nature” until circumstances shift so that they no longer “do their nature” and that energy finds another form by which to express energy’s vitality. There is no good or bad inherent to the ocean, cosmos or human physiology. They just are. They are doing their nature. Circumstances seem to me to be the same.

There is a spectrum on which we collectively agree. One pole is “good” happenings. The opposite pole is “bad” happenings and in between are happenings that lean to one end or the other.

It occurred to me that I could choose not to engage in spectrum thinking; that maybe life events just are… and they can be without my need to intervene by labeling them good or bad. I could stand as an objective witness to what-is and allow its purpose to be fulfilled without any attachment throughout the process. I could stand and emanate genuine curiosity and wonder instead of judgement, which would open flow and accelerate the learning.

warm and welcome

As time passed, I was no longer suited to label events as good or bad. There was something more for me. Neutrality wanted to occupy a larger landscape within me. As a result, something beautiful shifted. A welcome and warm neutrality has replaced my personal yearning for grace and ease (and all the other ways I learned that life “should” be unfolding for me). What I experience now is a vastness beyond graceful (desired, good) or adverse (undesirable, bad). I call it Divine.


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I was at my chiropractor’s office when she shared something personal.

Within the context of what she sensed my body was revealing to her and our subsequent conversation, she said she experienced a moment as an adult in which she realized in childhood, she linked with the frequency of ‘prey.’

She became prey in life: men gawking and whistling, purse-stealing assault on a street, strangers smacking her on the ass while riding her bicycle, too many incidents to count of pinching, victimgroping, inappropriateness, sexual advances, etc.

Throughout her adult life, she was victimized and preyed upon by men even though verbally or physically she fought back during/after every incident. Interesting point, that: She wasn’t a frail, cowardly or powerless presence, yet she still experienced being PREY. Side-question: How in the hell does that seemingly paradoxical dynamic even exist? The energetics of prey were obviously alive and emitting.

shift happensAnyway, when – for whatever reason(s) – she assessed all the events that took place during her life, she energetically declared that in spite of an undeniable history, from that moment forward, she was no longer prey. Something shifted immediately and dramatically in HER BEING.


When she shared this with me during my treatment, my heart burst and I began SOBBING.

Something about being PREY was mine, too.
I’ve never considered myself a victim or weak,
but I KNEW some aspect of me created the prey scenario
in childhood as a coping mechanism/strategy
to get along in life; to survive.

In that moment, I declared that I was no longer willing to carry “the prey frequency.” It was not mine to carry any longer. That’s the language that was inspired in the moment and I fucking meant it.

divinityI cannot specify how that proclamation has changed me, but something unexplainable is different in me now simply because a word was gifted into my awareness (“prey”) that helped me see where I was still operating at a frequency that was neither mine nor Divine.

The Takeaway

Unintentionally carrying and emitting the prey energetic serves no one, least of all you.

There is an invisible yet tangible force behind declaring that something that has been, IS NO MORE because we now see differently and intentionally shift to something new, even if unknown or uncertain. Claiming (or reclaiming) the essence of the truest, purist selves is for now. The clarity/knowing/understanding will – or won’t – come later.




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Silence is Evolution


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In the swirling midst of a blazing meltdown, her inifinite wisdom emanated through her words: “To even talk about [the] details is just exposing my system to more toxicity.” And that was the basis for us not meeting to talk it out.

Whoa. I had to take a moment of silence and just sit with that bombshell.

How often do we desperately text, call or otherwise reach out to others when we’re in the midst of one of life’s shit storms? How often do we assume that talking about it will make us feel better? How often do we talk, talk, incessantly talk, instead of intentionally planting (just) ourselves amidst uncertainty, allowing the energies already in motion to do whatever they’re going to do (which is usually some flavor of transformation)?

Yeah, I know. You don’t sit in silence or solitude because it can suck – BIG TIME – especially when you’re practicing new ways of being. The first efforts are always awkward and feel so wrong (and maybe lonely), but that’s only because the behavior is unfamiliar. Sitting in silence and being in solitude are disciplines. Strict disciplines. They feel unnatural, so in the moment’s anguish we stay safe and do what we’ve always done: talk, talk, tickety-talk. But you know what? That will only ever get you what you already have.

What if talking is a colossal distraction from quickly moving through to the learning or opportunity presenting itself? You know, like a transformative tunnel of fire you know you must traverse to get to the goldmine at the other end; the information, gift, insight, wisdom, whatever.

What if talking about the details is just exposing our systems to more toxicity?

If so, it is our responsibility to do something different: to sit in silence, be in solitude, or even be in the presence of others and NOT talk about the details of our current tumult. It seems to me that adopting silence is a method of evolution because it upends unexamined habits and places them right in the forefront of our awareness so we can choose differently for a new outcome. The depth of circumstantial discomfort can be a catalyst for personal advancement and up-spiral-ment. (Ta-da… I just made up a new word to make the point.)

It’s human, habitual and easy to want the comfort of others when we’re in the midst of a storm. Too easy. That’s what makes me think that there may be something to learn by holding our power within and NOT talking about it.

Today’s commandment: “Live your life fearlessly.”


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Okay, honestly, life is becoming TOO. MUCH. BLISS. Every day I think that, but today, well, it landed in a way that makes me wonder about the possibility of this state as a permanent way of being. Dare we dream?

My return to waking awareness from a dreamstate was the same today as every day; a day starting like every other incredible day in-the-life. Yesterday I queued a video to watch later. For whatever reason, this morning that task was prominent so I followed the inspiration and began watching.

A little backstory: What makes this experience unusual is that with rare exception, I no longer take in information via books, videos, seminars, programs, etc. I am committed to listening within for guidance as my sole method of discerning my next actions. It has become an important practice and discipline, building a trust in myself that will bear much fruit moving forward. It’s easy to defer to others, assuming they know better than we do for ourselves. It’s an important skill to discern the daily subtleties given to us, interpret them for ourselves and take action without proof or validation according to others. At this point, external influxes just add unnecessary noise and I am content to minimize all external influences while I’m still learning this skill.

Anyway, back to the video…

At 7:08 in the video, describing her own experience, the speaker said she heard “… live your life fearlessly.” The “thud” in my chest was prominent. My throat closed. I immediately began crying. And I had to stop the player right there. This message was for me.

Believe me… these weren’t tears delicately pooling in the well of my lower eyelid and spilling over in a single expressive stream. OH. NO. These were big momma tears carried outward from my inner essence because these true words landed with impact as a bold command. Command? Yes, that was the exact felt-sense: a command; a directive; an invitation to step more fully into life; an opening created JUST. FOR. ME. should I choose to align with it. Even as I write this, the tears pool. It’s real.

There is obviously more
for me to know
about living fearlessly
and I’m starting right now.

I realize that in honestly assessing my behaviors (ouchy!), I have been systemtically afraid to live fearlessly. I have been afraid to trust that what I intuit and interpret in my own way can be trusted absolutely. I have been afraid to life fearlessly because in so many lifetimes it wasn’t safe to be true to myself; to splay my brilliance for all to see; to color so far outside the lines in alignment with honoring my own path that I am actively obliterating the boundary lines (read: limitations) for us all.

That’s the micro. The macro goes something like this:

As I understand this experience, my entire being is merging with the same frequency as infinite galactic possibility. Whatever the driving force, I am in the process of an active embodiment that I can actually feel in the cellular structure of my physical body. Living fearlessly is only a tiny, manageable way this human can grok the magnitude.

Live your life fearlessly came into my world as a command. The mighty force behind it landed as proof in my stomach, heart, emotions and tear ducts. Today, my life changed and I can do nothing else but fearlessly take the hand of that force and step into a new world of possibility.

Blessed be this Wednesday, the 22nd of March, 2017.

Imperturbable Presence in Perturbable Times



What’s happening on the global stage is often out of our direct influence or control. People are going to do what they do. That said, we have the ability to consciously choose our own course. One of the most positive and impactful contributions we can make is to emanate as Imperturbable.

I am an artist. My medium is words. Throughout my spiritual journey and soul’s evolution, a few prominent words have landed within my being. Sometimes they made a short-lived or transitory contribution and other times, they infiltrated and immersed themselves into my existing vocabulary. Every one had a specific purpose.

Some touched down so delicately at first, I hardly noticed. Others came in as if my life & being were a runway designed to accommodate ridiculously large aircraft. Imperturbable was one of those.

At first I just thought it was an interesting word. But it wouldn’t let me rest. It wanted something. More specifically, it wanted something from me (if I chose to play). It felt as if it wanted to be lived. It reverently hovered as I went on about the business of my life, yet never going away too far. I know that because I’ve been here before in my relationship with words. When they linger, there is always more to know.

Motivated by fun and childlike curiosity, I decided to personify Imperturbable. That first step always makes words more personal to me. Secondly, I made a welcome place for it to live in and through me. Thirdly, I gave it free-reign. I genuinely wanted to know what Imperturbable had to teach me.

Since then we have become inseperable.

In the beginning, I consciously applied the principles of Imperturbable as a guide for my composure. As practice, I monitored every thought and response to the swirling of others’ words and actions. As with any new skill, at first it felt a little clunky. And yet as time passed, I came to understood Imperturbable to be an inherent (yet dormant) part of my true being, instead of adoption of something foreign. It was natural; easy.

The relationship Imperturbable and I share now is a deeply intimate one. It has taught me well. With rare exception, I am not upset or agitated; not easily excited; calm, just like the dictionary’s definition. And our exploration together continues to grow.

More than merely easy-going, an imperturbable presence is a mighty force when wielded honorably and with authority. It is a way of being that has a rightful place in the world as more of us stand tall and true amidst chaotic external circumstances.

We cannot change others, but we can be Imperturbable. The option is right here, right now.

Taking the pulse of Twin Flames – a planetary update


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It has been 11 months since my last entry on the topic of Twin Flames. I have been so engaged in the richness of living – and the process of metamorphosis – that capturing the living in words for you wasn’t possible. I couldn’t do both. Of the two, I had to live, first. Yet this is the perfect moment for sharing my understanding of what’s happening now and where we’re headed next. We’re equipped as never before to uplevel to the next turn of the spiral of life.

The time for anything and everything childish (think: emotional games or manipulation, juvenile behaviors based in entrenched patterns of the past or cultural conditioning, and stomping our feet because our “Twin isn’t cooperating” 😳) is O*V*E*R. As Twins, we have either ascended – or are on the precipice of ascending – to a level of maturity within Twinship and beyond, primarily because as individuals, we have matured/are maturing.

Over the past year, these potent connections have revealed where we were still small/infantile. We have been given opportunity-after-blessed-opportunity to move into higher integrity; to hold ourselves to our own higher, holy standard; to become more honest with ourselves, our Flame and others; to assume full responsibility; to stand taller in dignity; to choose if, when and how to make shifts, no matter how seemingly insignificant, and with genuine curiosity, wait to see what was on the other side of deliberately choosing to grow… No. Matter. What.

I see these living examples as proof. We are now:

  • thinking clearly related to our individual sovereignty.
    ~ We have a mature understanding that the Twin experience is an evolutionary stepping stone, not a final destination. By thinking clearly, we can freely choose what’s right for us moving forward, whether that means partnered or not with our Twin.
  • returning to the true essence and nature of our Selves.
    ~ We operate now with a fully-cognizant, hyper-awareness that WE were always our #1 source of sustainability instead of projecting that onto our Twin. We just didn’t remember until now.
  • void of the desperateness that at one time was so prominent in Twin Flames connections.
    ~ We have transmuted the need for falsely romanticized/superficial/culturally-conditioned versions of dating, courtship and relationship. All we want now is truth. And we are fierce devotees in that pursuit.
  • powerfully self-sourced, self-directed and self-sustaining.
    ~ We wield our newfound authority in exciting ways that surprise even us, at times. No longer depending on the Union to nourish or fuel us, we are truly free to see Who We Are as New Earth creators, with or without the Twin. We easily operate, fully-functioning, inside or outside of Union.
  • accessing and harnessing creative energies to organically build our futures.
    ~ We are emerging as new beings, with new skills that invite us to explore unknown territory. With that, infinite possibility exists literally every day.

Oh, God/dess, this path has not been easy. And yet HERE. YOU. ARE. (Ooh, I love to see you in all your magnificence!) You are the bright star, gleaming and glittering because of the many ways you’ve showed up and continue to say yes to life. (Hold a sec… I need to get my sunglasses… you’re BRIGHT!)

Where are we headed next?

The beauty and perfection is that the answer depends. Each of us will write our own script, shaping the collective direction. Interestingly, we will write our futures simultaneously with taking the next inspired action. Our futures will be created by listening to the subtle, yet clear voice of inspiration and taking one, seemingly itty-bitty step in a (read: any) direction. There isn’t a lot of pre-planning or strategizing involved. At least that’s my experience.

Remember when we asked ourselves: What do *I *want to do, be and become? as the basis for taking action? It seems silly now, but that is a perfect example of how far we have come in maturing as creator beings.

This time right now is less about questing for the answers to the questions before we move, than being in the moment and trusting the input that already awaits you. It’s like having the answer before you finish asking the question(s). Pretty slick, huh? And the more you practice acting on knowing, the easier/quicker the process becomes. In continual dialogue with the Universe/Goddess/God/Source, creation and evolution become SO MUCH FUN!

If that’s not your experience yet, it will be. If you’re already there, it seems there’s always more initiation/refinement to be had. At least for now.

Ever-upward, Twins! Remarkable times, these. Remarkable times.

[guest post] Musings on Verb-ship


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It is a pleasure to share this original, exclusive-to-sparkingEvolution post by
Noelle Noli aka The Red Pill Girl
Writer, editor, outlaw


angryyogaAnger is back in fashion. There is even Anger Yoga now, which, in my opinion, is much better than it being out of fashion… (a casualty of the new age movement). But both positions relegate Anger into the same category that we find ourselves unconsciously placing our Twin Partnerships: as nouns.

What does this mean?

It means that we hold it as an object – something that can be denied or accepted, used or controlled, expressed or rejected. But in our Sacred Union Partnerships we actually don’t have that option. It’s like standing in front of a mirror, moving my right arm and expecting my image to stay still. It just isn’t that way.verb

Emotions, like Anger, in Twin relationships require the same recognition of their truest state as our relationship does – that their untainted state is as a Verb not a Noun.

In our Twin Flame Unions we are pressed into the often uncomfortable recognition that the physics of all the feelings that run thru it are subject to the same physics that are the Union itself. The feelings, like the Union, aren’t something we can bring in, push out, throw around, gag, or maneuver…. you can only do those things to nouns.

The Twin Flame Physics highlights that you, your partner, the union and all the feelings within it are Verbs… are in process… are the very action they denote.

You can’t grasp it – you can only be it.

Unlike in other connections, our Flame partner is not separate from our being. And I don’t mean it in the same way that people talk about “we are all One.” I mean it in the same way that our organs are not separate from our bodies. Our language betrays the true nature of my liver in the same way that it betrays the true nature of feelings. It is truer to say my liver is liver-ing, my lungs are lung-ing because they are what they DO. It is more accurate to say I am Noelle-ing than I am Noelle and that Anger is Anger-ing. My partnership lives entirely in the world of verb-ship as do the feelings which live within it.

I notice that…

… if I treat any feeling that waves forward
in my partnership as a separate noun,
I hit a particularly dense brick wall.


My union has led my psyche to approach this physics differently. So, what to do if we find ourselves (as I still constantly do) trying to objectify (i.e. separate to understand) my Twin, and the feelings that overwhelm me within the Union?

Honestly, my answer is a bit dissatisfying but I feel it is true: begin the often slow process of shifting the Energetic Tenses in which we live as Twins. It IS different… and making that shift makes a difference.