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Charlon Bobo is a respected women’s mentor, fierce champion of men, certified business ghostwriter, (r)evolutionary entrepreneur, and contributing author to the best-selling book Overcomers, Inc.—True Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspiration. As the founder of sparkingEvolution.com, the evolutionary ink blog, Twin Flames MASTERY resources, EditCopyProof™ and Alchemy For Men, Charlon draws from personal, professional, spiritual and intuitive wellsprings of experience to equip and empower you to THRIVE based on accessing the wisdom of your inner guidance.

Majoring in psychology and graphic arts in college, Charlon’s life path is diverse, rich and colorful. Her young life included sexual molestation at age 9 by a female after-school care provider, which as an adult became a catalyst for embodying deep compassion, exploring personal expansion and mastering the ability to transform challenge into a life comprised of everyday magick.

Charlon’s unrelenting pursuits both personal and professional provide the solid and fertile foundation for her results-based empowerment work with a worldwide clientele. Her unique expertise and insights are sought by clients across the United States, and around the globe: Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Choice Point Movement & NES Health in the United Kingdom, the Women’s Institute for Sustainable Economic Action (WiseAct) in the Philippines, The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching–London (iPEC), Start Out Steps in London and Broadcast.org based in Germany.

When she is not championing advanced souls personally or professionally, Charlon is an avid cyclist and international traveler. She enjoys the many benefits of simple, sustainable, coastal living including hiking, reading, cooking, baking, canning, gardening, soap making and supporting her weekly local farmers’ market and independent local movie theatre. Charlon lives and thrives in Santa Cruz, California.

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