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As I shared in my last update, sparkingEvolution is living its latest form as {potent}women.

Women across the globe are answering the clarion call to emerge in full, authentic expression.

Today I want to share highlights of my personal Path of Potency with you in the form of a love note. I now find it easy—and a joy—to be the most potent version of mySelf, but I assure you, it was not always this way.

In the spirit of transparency, authenticity and vulnerability, here’s a partial list of how I was impotent, more comfortable to stay small and play small instead of rocking my most potent Self.

Maybe after seeing this list, you’ll be able to see you own reflection more clearly. And that’s the point.

In my next email I’ll invite you to gently explore where you deny, hide, ignore, neglect, project, seek and suppress. It’s a simple list that can begin a positive, life-changing process.

Connect soon!

In potent Sisterhood,

💗 womens’ potency advocate + champion