sparkingEvolution has taken yet another evolutionary leap. As we begin the last month of the year, it is a pleasure to share with you the latest emergence with an emphasis on the potency of women.

As a noticer of patterns, I see themes in my inner landscape and in the external world. Earlier this year, I became aware of where I was staying small and playing small. That was a huge awakening. And I decided that it was time for a warm homecoming… a big embrace and reclamation of the disowned facets that make me, me. The word potent landed in a way I never saw coming.

As I made this shift within mySelf from impotence to greater potency, what emerged alongside it was a realization that there was an opening for other women to explore becoming their most potent Selves, too.

What I discovered—and want to share with you—is that your poten(t)· cy and potent· ial is accessed by sourcing the pure aspects of your true Self that have been denied, hidden, ignored, neglected, projected, sought and suppressed—the abandoned, rejected and (seemingly) unlovable aspects of yourSelf.

When you embrace and reclaim the disowned facets of your authentic Self that make you uniquely you, the entire spectrum of your poten(t)· cy and potent· ial opens options not accessible before. And from there, truly anything’s possible.

If this message resonates, I want you to have as much support as possible.

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This guide is a compilation of the insights that catapulted my journey toward greater self-awareness, increased compassion for mySelf and others, and openings to my personal Path of Potency. May it enliven and illuminate your unique journey toward greater potency in these extraordinary times.