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For many reasons, I have not actively marketed 1-on-1 Twin Flames sessions for awhile.

In the last week, something MASSIVE has shifted/is shifting in the multi-dimensional realm of Twin Union. An entirely new turn of the Twin Flames spiral has presented itself including:

  • Transcending the current TF template
  • Examining the complexities of narcissism, victimhood and co-dependency within the TF construct, and
  • Fully occupying your own, individual life without abandoning the Twin Flame connection  

I was inspired by Spirit to temporarily “hang up my shingle” again to offer my time and 14 years of insider Twin Flames expertise to support those in the trenches of navigating these NEW dynamics of the Twin Flames journey. I could only respond, YES, because to go this path alone is simply not an option. I get it, my friend. Whatever support you need, I’m here for you.


I have opened my schedule for the next few weeks and am offering a sliding scale starting at $77 per 60-minute Skype or telephone consultation.


During our appointment, you will:

1. Be held energetically so you can breathe & rest for a minute, and open fresh channels for clear thinking.

2. Gain clarity & calm for a gentler experience that positions you to stand in your individual experience as a Twin instead of overshadowed, immersed and obsessed by the TF template.

3. Activate & amplify your innate knowing of how to navigate these NEW energies.

4. Discover real-world maneuvering techniques to use in your everyday life that bump you out of frustration or stagnation and spiral you upward & onward.

5. Elevate your self-awareness & authority so you maintain a frequency that nurtures your Connection because you’re moving ahead with your life.


Securing & scheduling is easy…

  1. Make your payment on a sliding scale of $77-$135 for a 60-minute 100% customized in-the-moment consultation.
  2. Schedule your appointment. Please provide your Skype ID or telephone number in the notes section.

I care deeply for your well-being and peace-of-heart & mind. Sometimes just having an objective, yet knowledgeable perspective gives us the much-needed opportunity to renew our commitment to ourselves and the extraordinary way we have chosen to Ascend (via the Twin Flames template).