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go withinA few years ago, I granted myself permission to take a personal hiatus. My soul needed a break from outputting my creativity. Clearly it was time to go within.

During this time, I excavated more of my authentic myself. I recognized patterns that no longer served me and dismantled the beliefs that kept me confined to old habits; the ones that prevented me from devouring life at my usual ravenous pace.

As is true for many life embarkations, I had no idea what was ahead. (Can you relate? 😕) All I knew is that I was ready and willing to begin the journey by taking a single step toward uncertainty. I promised myself to act on all inspirations.

It all began with my awareness of increasing physical and mental exhaustion. I kept saying my soul and body were so tired, but succinctly this was the underlying basis:

Unbeknownst to my conscious awareness, at some point very early in life, I learned (and assimilated the belief in my being) that achieving was the result of hard work. So, work hard I did.

However, I looked at my results and they didn’t equate to the focused energy and effort I expended. I looked at this from every possible angle and realized that my assessment of the results didn’t mean I was necessarily unhappy or dissatisfied; that would be an over-simplification. It felt much more that something was simply misaligned.

There had to be another way, or I would undermine my well-being trying to be of service to this planet. And that made so sense. I KNEW there was something I could experience differently, but what? how? Was I not doing something right? Was I doing something wrong? Although that’s a natural wondering, it felt right to allow these thoughts to pass through me without further consideration. I don’t function from a perspective of right and wrong;for the most part, it just doesn’t resonate for me and I know it doesn’t support me.

So, on an impulse – and in the spirit of fun exploration – I decided to try something new:

I began doing everything the exact opposite of my usual habits.

opposite 2If my habit was to work at specific days or times, I went to the beach instead. If my habit was to focus on doing something a specific way for higher productivity, I did it in a way that was more fun. If my habit was to think harsh thoughts, I was sweet and patient and kind to myself. If my habit was to mentally link my hard work with results, I consciously reminded myself of the natural ease-of-life and that I had already decided life was full of ease.

I raised my awareness of every thought. My full attention was on the tiniest details that showed up. When I felt anything other than aligned and happy, I immediately switched my thinking, my words or my actions to something that felt better. At first it was a tedious practice. Time changed that to the point it became the norm.

Two months later, you want to know the results of this fun adventure?

  • much deeper enjoyment of every activity
  • subconscious beliefs permanently replaced with new, high-vibrance stories
  • manifestation of $6,000 in less than one week
  • new clients who value my services
  • a renewed passion for who I am and what I have to offer
  • birth of a project that was dormant for 5 years
  • clarity-of-purpose
  • delight in all aspects of myself

transformationSo, what is my recommendation for you if you’re feeling something isn’t quite right? If you’re feeling your efforts aren’t materializing in equal measure? Begin doing everything differently than you have in the past. Be genuinely interested in what you think you know about yourself. Now could be the perfect time to replace dead-weight habits with fresh, inspired ones that greater align to who you have – and continue to – become.



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