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I was at my chiropractor’s office when she shared something personal.

Within the context of what she sensed my body was revealing to her and our subsequent conversation, she said she experienced a moment as an adult in which she realized in childhood, she linked with the frequency of ‘prey.’

She became prey in life: men gawking and whistling, purse-stealing assault on a street, strangers smacking her on the ass while riding her bicycle, too many incidents to count of pinching, victimgroping, inappropriateness, sexual advances, etc.

Throughout her adult life, she was victimized and preyed upon by men even though verbally or physically she fought back during/after every incident. Interesting point, that: She wasn’t a frail, cowardly or powerless presence, yet she still experienced being PREY. Side-question: How in the hell does that seemingly paradoxical dynamic even exist? The energetics of prey were obviously alive and emitting.

shift happensAnyway, when – for whatever reason(s) – she assessed all the events that took place during her life, she energetically declared that in spite of an undeniable history, from that moment forward, she was no longer prey. Something shifted immediately and dramatically in HER BEING.


When she shared this with me during my treatment, my heart burst and I began SOBBING.

Something about being PREY was mine, too.
I’ve never considered myself a victim or weak,
but I KNEW some aspect of me created the prey scenario
in childhood as a coping mechanism/strategy
to get along in life; to survive.

In that moment, I declared that I was no longer willing to carry “the prey frequency.” It was not mine to carry any longer. That’s the language that was inspired in the moment and I fucking meant it.

divinityI cannot specify how that proclamation has changed me, but something unexplainable is different in me now simply because a word was gifted into my awareness (“prey”) that helped me see where I was still operating at a frequency that was neither mine nor Divine.

The Takeaway

Unintentionally carrying and emitting the prey energetic serves no one, least of all you.

There is an invisible yet tangible force behind declaring that something that has been, IS NO MORE because we now see differently and intentionally shift to something new, even if unknown or uncertain. Claiming (or reclaiming) the essence of the truest, purist selves is for now. The clarity/knowing/understanding will – or won’t – come later.




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