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The Twin Flames journey never ceases to amaze me. The stage I’m in right now I affectionately call ‘the humbling.’ It’s not the first time I’ve been humbled by my Union and I don’t expect it will be the last (but I’m crossing my fingers, toes & eyes anyway).

One of my recent humbling realizations on the Twin Flame journey was that as long as I could point the finger at my Twin for being the runner, I wasn’t able to see my own tendency to run. Me? The runner? NEVER! It was HIM!

runnerThe arrogant, superior, judgmental part of me thought:

If he’d only turn and face me fully, acknowledge the Union, step into our original agreement (or whatever other creative way my mind wanted to make him wrong), then we could rock this adventure.

Blaming him for being the ‘runner’… ugh… so tiresome and so small. (And just one example of my vibrating at a frequency that didn’t synch with the high-vibe of our Divine Partnership. But this Connection is a safe learning haven, so I always give myself a break and I lovingly recommend the same for you. Compassion is healing balm.)

As the wise part of me braced readied
for my next soul lesson,
Yet, I was awed by the rapidity at which it came.
There it was, just ahead. [breathe, Charlon, breathe]
It was very simple, really:
Divine orchestration reversed our positions.

My Beloved did face me fully. In his own way he did acknowledge the Union. He was delivering on his part of our original agreement made at the beginning of time.

And did I run! Yep, all he saw was an ass and elbows. Out. The. Door. Pronto. This shocked me. Was I really ‘that guy’? Aw, man. I didn’t expect that. [Head hanging.]

It didn’t take me long to see myself, him and our powerful heart bond with brand new eyes. I was no longer clouded by focusing on his actions and behaviors. Now I clearly saw that in the right circumstances I could be the runner, too.

From the inside, I finally understood his perspective. He was spot-on: the intensity of this connection was terrifying! His behavior finally made perfect sense. I now had great compassion for the dynamics of our Union and the pace at which I wanted to go, but felt constricted by (my perception) by his runner tendencies. (It’s rather embarrassing to admit such silliness, but there it is. Raw. Real.)

When I say he’s a master at this, I mean it. He knew precisely what to do – and not do – to guide this part of our journey with his quiet, gentle, understated finesse. I accepted this insight as a true gift from my Twin. He facilitated this next great expansion of our One-Soul in the most tender way possible. And I had the opportunity to choose how I wanted to show up. I called myself into greater accountability and it felt good. I set a new standard for myself and how I show up in the Connection.

In this moment, we are both showing up in the fullest ways of which we are each capable. Sometimes that may be (mis)perceived by the other as not enough, but from this experience moving forward, I decided that the way he navigates our Union is perfect because no matter what, he keeps showing up! That one act is an indicator of a bold soul and THE someone I want at my flank.

He can take all the time he needs to navigate our Union with honor.
He can take all the space he needs to bring a fresh perspective to our Union.
He can take all the opportunities life presents, in any form, to amass the information essential to spiral-up our Union.

Those simple courageous acts speak volumes
and breathe life into our connection in a way only he can.
He has a guiding wisdom that I must trust,
whether or not I understand the nuances.
And now I trust, absolutely.

I bow deeply to you, My Beloved, in respect, honor, and admiration for the sacred role you play for our Soul’s benefit. I chose my Twin wisely, I did.